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"I am part of Charlotte and Charlotte is part of me."


          Lynnsy Logue 

Charlotte is a part of me

When CondoCanDo® came into my life, there were no databases
 with all the condos and townhomes. The Internet had not 
spread across our land, digital photography was enormously expensive, 
many of the streets in condo complexes and within the complexes 
were not on the maps, and the type of heat could be 
determined by spotting the turquoise meters outside the 
buildings. I gathered information from Register of Deeds,
 reading the fishe files, going through the drawings, and other
 records to build a basis for my new found passion, 
Condominiums. Personally, it became a game for me 
as I drew 1000 maps with a CD from the city and Arc 
software following the clusters of buildings 
I found on the tax maps. I love learning
the nuances of each condominium and still do to this day! 

Yes, some are newer and some older, some traditional,
some classic, some contemporary, some with parking, some not, some with storage, some not, some with investors, some not, some approved financing, some not, some allow pets, some not...well, you get my drift, 
I am sure.

They are all different in a zillion different ways.

How exciting is that?
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"I am a part of Charlotte and Charlotte is  part of me."
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