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Town Homes, too!
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CondoCanDo! Just When Charlotte Needs a Super Hero!
by Lynnsy Logue
Lynnsy and CondoCanDo®
First I listen...
to what you want, how much you think you want , where and what and need and want and not like and love...all those things. And time, and money...and schools and work, and hobbies and relatives...we talk about all of it, sooner or later.

I Listen.
My job is to be your guide, organise the plan with the people you need to make finding your dream home possible and to verify every single step of the way from the total cost of the purchase to the fine print on the termite letter. This includes previewing every house we think might be a candidate because all the videos on all the sites might not include some points you don't want even if you never said so...we communicate. Guide.
What I do as a Buyer Agent....
Lynnsy Logue, Buyer Broker

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