Looking Back in Our Blog Archives

by Lynnsy Logue on 12/18/17

Google Blogger has all of our posts starting from the very beginning...they are archived and searchable and I think very interesting...the search feature is super and tucked at the top.
To check it out, click back to and scroll down to index...presto!
Meanwhile, we are making notes on what we are bringing here...


We Rise! December 17,2017

by Lynnsy Logue on 12/17/17

We Rise...December 17, 2017
Late last night, I decided to build a fire and sit in the glow with my laptop on my knees and start building from scratch, a new blog post. I started with Google Blogger years and years ago and it was fun writing, posting pictures, addressing my business of real estate before the Great Recession and during and even during the years I was healing from a deep and quite threatening cancer of the tongue. I looked forward to writing and then Google did change their policy. I could no longer access my archives of approximately 200 blogs complete with pictures  and maps especially during the time the recession started withdrawing the many towers from uptown Charlotte. All of these blogs,pictures, maps are,  in the archives and are searchable which I find even more intriguing because the posts go into the Great Recession. After furhter blogs were not allowed, I knew I had to find another place. But I also had to rebuild the websites, all three, first.  I had taken them down because I could no longer maintain them and I wanted the best information there as well.

I am back. CondoCanDo® has taken the helm while I work on the other websites as well as learn Instagram!
We need to build from our base and CondoCanDo® flies high. She is our SuperHero as well. It is stated quite boldly on the back of our Pearl Element with her flying through the sky  with "Just When Charlotte Needs A SuperHero emblazoned across the back window. Hurrah! She is my Hero!
We will be writing about condos, of course, as well as real estate in general or specifically.  I have concerns.P.S. We do broker single family homes and have for years, afterall the condo people went on you know, up and away, me with them!
If you want to be in touch, there is a special email for blog folks-[email protected] I will test everything to make sure it is working.

Thanks for staying the course, we continue. I even have my CondoCanDo® bright yellow traffic vest with CondoCanDo® embroidered on the can see me in the streets taking pictures.
Thanks for tuning in. Hurrah for 2018! We are here!

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