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1.Windows Often times, windows fall to the owner of the unit for repair and replacement.
Replacement often is required because of a broken seal. Read the documents to see how windows are or are not covered before you need to know. 
2.Exercise Center More and more, exercise centers play a prominent role in a condominium community. In the high-rises uptown, the size and quality vary greatly. A good measure of the overall amenity package might be to compare these centers.
Look for quality space, quality finishes and extra touches. They are obvious. 
3.Docks Some complexes may have community docks, some may have boat slips. Some of the boat slips may come with the unit, some may have been purchased separately. Ask the question and get it in writing...always.
 4.Tennis Courts Most of the tennis courts I have seen fall into disrepair. There is a bonafide Tennis Community at Lake Norman so the condition of those courts might be better. Again, read the documents. One complex made space from the tennis courts to build another building. 
5.Sprinkler Systems Sprinkler systems  have become a requirement. If the system includes the closets, be sure to inform your insurance company. You may save some with this feature: sprinklers in the closets. 
6.Stairwells and Stairs No matter the age, I look for public stairwells to be metal. When I look for fine points, I look for the places where corners can be cut, money saved by the builder. If there is a fire, metal steps... 
7.Parking and Garage Some communities detail the parking spaces for owners and for visitors and they are often clearly marked. Some parking in the uptown buildings can convey with the unit, but some were purchased or leased separately. Ask the questions. Read the documents. Get it in writing. 
8.Trucks and Boats Read the documents. Some attached housing communities have special parking places for trucks and boats. The trucks may have certain specs. If the details are in the documentation, they are recorded and enforceable. 
9.Club House I like the complexes that are self-managed and the clubhouse often houses the management office. Clubhouses like pools and tennis courts have their own rules and regulations about days and hours, owners and guests. Read carefully. 
10.Swimming Pool Swimming pools...great for kids. Super for Seniors. And really quite snazzy in the uptown high rises. An added expense to dues, but if you really do intend to use it, I think worth it. If your community does not have a pool, Charlotte is blessed with aquatic centers and clubs across the city. 
Signs-For Sale Again, in the community documents, there is a paragraph about signs. Maybe yes, maybe no...under what circumstances and sometimes, the size and placement. There may be a set of rules for rentals and one for sales.  
Units for Rent Investors. Before even getting remotely serious about a unit, know the exact number of investors. Many loan programs detail percentages allowed and if those numbers are high, the interest rate may change. Investors mean rentals. Some states are not allowing investors in attached housing and do not allow units to be rented except in dire emergency. Many of the older communities in Charlotte are changing or have changed their by-laws to prohibit investors from ownership. 
Documents: Rules, Regulations and Covenants Most sellers will have these on hand and you or their agent should provide you with a copy. I think it is better coming from the owner because often the management company charges a rather high fee if they will do it at all. They most often, depending on dates, will be on line.. 
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