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Disclosure: Why Not To Buy A Condo!
Condos are appealing mostly to those who do not want to cut the grass anymore or at all. In exchange you are privileged to squabbles over parking spaces, trash cans rolled out too early, not rolled in and just neglected, a barking dog, trombone practice, slow on maintenance issues, noise from above or below or to either side. 
In short, a tiny government governed by the residents. Majority rules.

Condos I imagine would appeal to first timers or empty nesters for pretty much the same reasons.
There is no grass to cut or gutters to clean for the empty nesters and they are ready to travel. They are ready to kick back, visit their grandchildren and leave.
For the first timers, condos have appeal because they want to be in the middle of everything, uptown and hip. Walk to work, hang out. Maintenance free.
There may be other issues. Besides parking spaces, visitors parking, noise from above or below, barking dogs, loud parties, strangers in the hall at all hours, a terrace too close, and the worst is the surprise assessment. Or the guy who cooks fish all the time or the other one who smokes cigars on the terrace beneath or the flower lady above who waters her plants all the time and it drips on your trrace.
Home or condo, think about it. Talk about it. Research it. Ask Google. Above all make sure you can get out, sell, when the time comes. So if you do, go the meetings, be involved, be informed, 21 or 61, that applies.
Condos may not be for you…on the other hand, maybe just perfect. Patience.
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