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Attached housing means condominium, townhouse,co-ops and maybe even patio homes...what are
the nuances and how do you know for sure? Pets: dogs, cats and more, weight and number. Insurances, all or part? Cars and trucks, size and parking. Guests? Rentals? Window treatments and storm doors? Everything should be detailed in complex documents. Check for amendments they should be recorded.
Condominiums and Townhomes-Nuances, Part 2
Condos may be two story or three story...they may be attached or detached. They may be converted apartments, converted duplexes or single family homes.
There may be a weight limit for dogs. This is noted in the rules and regulations of the complex.
Often, the streets and the parking areas of complexes are owned and maintained by the complex...and not by the city. That is why the streets are sometimes not on maps. They are considered private.
Condos and town homes may look exactly alike...there are some complexes that are actually detached homes and they are in fact condominiums.
Many complexes have attached garages or garages on a first is important to have carbon monoxide detection equipment in good working order. These are required by law...testing often is a good practice.
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