​Before there was an Internet, Lynnsy built the first database of attached housing  in Charlotte, NC by scouring every page of all the tax books and examining all the fische files at the Register of Deeds at the courthouse...for almost 700  to discern the type of heat, she visited every complex looking for the turquoise gas meter...and while there, took pictures of each complex plus made a map for each because the streets
 were on very few maps and  mostly private.
She is The  Charlotte Condo Guru, Condo CanDo!®    
Lynnsy Logue 
Broker  NC/SC
Just When Charlotte Needs A Super Hero!
Brandon F., a first time buyer wanted a condo with an absentee owner

Pam F., needed a miracle during the Great Recession 
Rene L.,wanted to buy a house, her first property, and then 
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Brad N, called Lynnsy because she is specialist.
Greg and Cindy,  repeat clients, both buying and selling!
The Myers, guide first buying, years later, after they left for 2nd home, selling everything
The Howards and the surprise variance
....and many more letters before the Internet.
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