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The Real Estate Lady®
Real Estate Lady®
First, We Listen

What Do You Want From Me?

If you are a client seller or a client buyer, I will tell you exactly what I think.
I base my answers on my experience of calling Charlotte "home" for over fifty five years, and as a real estate professional for over 32 years plus my
experience both in the field and in the real estate classrooms.

Last, but not least, my intuition is honed 
and my candor has a limited filter.

Yes, I have talked myself out of business.
I sleep well.

I will ask you if you have a broker and if you are working with someone.
I honor relationships. They are important to me.
I observe the protocols in our profession because they work.

I listen. I hope for the same in return.

Thank you!

Lynnsy Logue
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Since 1986
Lynnsy Logue
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